December, 18

The semester is over!!! Tomorrow we will have to present two among the three projects we created so far for final exam! Wish me good luck!!!


December, 11

Tomorrow we are going to have the last class of the semester before the final presentation! I am done with the cubism project, and almost with the optional one. Tomorrow I have to finish my collage project…or at least try my best!!


Today we presented the cubism project so I am finally done with it!! Now I have to start working on my collage piece. I just uploaded my 5 concepts and I choose to do the one about Boston.

November, 28

Today we have the cubism presentation! I think I am done with my project so I hope it will be fine.

November, 20 th

Tomorrow I should be able to finally print my Hyper project….can’t wait!! I decided I will print two copies so that  I can give one to my friend with her Christmas present. Also we will start working on our collage project but I have to admit that I still have a lot to do for the cubism.

November, 13 th

So tomorrow there is the cubism presentation and  have to admit that I am behind with my project. I am having problems to install photoshop at home so I wasn’t able to finish the project but I hope to do it tomorrow in class.

November, 6

The week end is over! Tomorrow we will continue to work on our cubism project and I have to admit that I am still trying to figure out some details of it. Hope tomorrow in class can help me.